RemySefi is a music teacher and freelance composer from Monterrey, Nueva Leon, Mexico. He is also a Twitch streamer and musician, who is passionate about sharing his love for music with others. 

Remy started playing guitar in middle school and went on to form a band with his two best friends. Even though the band fell apart they stayed friends and Remy continued pursuing music. He holds music and music production degrees and is always striving to deepen his understanding of the art and craft of music. 

Remy has big aspirations, including winning a Grammy and creating a third album. He is driven by a desire to connect with people through his music and to support himself financially through his streams and commissions.  

Meet Sputnik

"Sputnik" is a custom-made musical instrument created by Remy and David Or. 

Sputnik is a modified Ibanez Semi-Hollow AS53 guitar that has been fitted with various electronic components such as Bluetooth Midi buttons, Midi knobs, Midi Motion Control, Midi pickup, and a real-time audio visualizer. This video features a song that was recorded using only Sputnik and its various features.